JKG® COLOUR CHANGING EGG TIMER – Sits in the pan as your eggs cook! Boil eggs Soft Medium Hard Heat Sensitive cooking timer cooking kitchen gadget


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  • ✅PERFECT DESIGN – Easily keep an eye on your eggs with this colour changing egg timer! Say goodbye to over cooked or undercooked eggs! Cook them exactly how you like them!
  • ✅EASY USE – Simply throw into the pan with the boiling eggs no more required! The egg timer will change colour and indicate what stage the eggs are in! Whether soft medium or hard boiled!
  • ✅STRONG QUALITY – This egg timer is re-usable over and over again. Simply take out the boiling water (with a spoon to avoid burning yourself) when your eggs are done and leave on the side to cool down! Once cooled you can repeatedly keep using it to cook the perfect eggs everytime.