Family Saucepan Triple Pan Divider Separator Set – Saves Cooking Space & Energy. Three Part 18cm Stainless Steel Strainer. Vegetables, Potatoes, Boiled Eggs. Pan Not Included. Caravan Accessory


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  • ✅ SAVES ENERGY: The saucepan dividers saves on the number of pans and energy required by letting you boil and steam different types of vegetables simultaneously. They also save space perfect for taking camping or for use in a caravan kitchen.
  • ✅ SAVES TIME: You can load and remove different foods into the same saucepan at different times which reduces the number of pans you need to wash afterwards! These baskets are also dishwasher safe. Great for a small family or for a couple. Great for cooking pasta too!
  • ✅ MULTI-PURPOSE: The divider is ideal for cooking all kinds of vegetables clams mussels or even hard boiled eggs! Simply lift the handle of the mesh basket and the water drains back into the saucepan. There is no need for splashing into a sink or using a colander. They can also be used with pressure cookers.
  • ✅ PERFECTLY COOKED: Because each of the three sections can be easily placed or removed individually into or from the saucepan it means that you can cook vegetables for different lengths of time without using multiple pans.
  • ✅ 5 YEAR GUARANTEE: We’re so confident in our products that any item found defective will be repaired or replaced without charge subject to normal household use. Taylors Eye Witness are a Sheffield based company established over 150 years ago so when we offer a guarantee we mean it.