Chinese 5 Spice Asian Blend – Versatile Mix of Aromatic Spices to Add Chinese Flavours to a Range of Dishes. Use in Stir Fries, Stews and Soups, in Marinades or Dry Rubs 100g


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  • ✅FLAVOUR – An aromatic blend of spices to add the traditional flavours of China to your cooking
  • ✅USES – Delicious when combined with soy sauce and sesame oil for a marinade on poultry and pork or when sprinkled into vegetable fish or meat stir fries and soups
  • ✅SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS & NON-VEGETARIANS – All our blends are plant-based and can be used in vegetable pulse meat and fish dishes.
  • ✅NO ADDED SALT SUGAR OR ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS – We only use spices herbs and other plant-based ingredients in our blends. We leave it up to you to add salt or sugar if you need to.
  • ✅EASY TO USE – Our large range of blends are suitable for cooks of all levels. They are created and blended by us for you to easily add world flavours to many dishes. Depending on the dish we recommend on average one teaspoon of spice blend per portion.