Asian Spices Meal Kit (GREEN CURRY, THAI 7 SPICE, ASIAN STIR FRY, CHINESE 5 SPICE) with Recipe Booklet By Silk Route Spice Company


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  • 4 CLASSIC BLENDS: our Asian Spice Kit contains 4 specialty spices that will give you a savoury insight into oriental cooking and world cuisine. Create quick versatile and easy meals with this essential curry meal kit which will delight your tastebuds. Perfect as a cooking spices set: choose the experimental cooking aspect behind this original gift or use as a convenient and hassle free family cooking kit.
  • WHAT YOU’LL GET: pungent THAI GREEN CURRY powder with notes of lemon and horseradish earthy THAI 7 SPICE powder with notes of galangal and garlic crispy ASIAN STIR FRY powder with notes of brown sugar and lemongrass and herbal CHINESE 5 SPICE powder with notes of aniseed and ginger.
  • RECIPE BOOKLET: want a little guidance for you first meal? Use our comprehensive recipe list for inspiration on how to use the spice blends in our cooking kit. Specially curated to as a first step for those that want to experiment with a range of blended spices and mixed seasoning with recipes with cook times under 30 minutes.
  • ORIGINAL GIFT: our cooking set caters to those looking for a discovery gift set as well as those that want to cook classic recipes with quality ingredients. Choose the best ingredients & spices from our cooking for your meat (BBQ rub curry etc.) or vegetarian and vegan vegetable curries.
  • PACKAGING: for those that want to travel without the luggage Silk Route Spice Company came up with the cooking kit of perfect proportions. Measuring 14×14.5x6cm our spice box fits snuggly into most kitchen drawers. THAI GREEN CURRY (56g) THAI 7 SPICE (44g) ASIAN STIR FRY (57g) CHINESE 5 SPICE (55g) re-sealable jockey tubs ensure the quality fresh aromas of our spices. Please RECYCLE after use!