Angus & Oink – Sweet Bones & Butts – Maple BBQ Rub and Seasoning – Gluten-Free, No Preservatives – Ideal for Smoking, Grilling & Oven – 200g


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  • ANGUS AND OINK – A&O represents a passion for BBQ and authenticity the team focus on delivering distinct flavour using fiendishly researched ingredients and tasty chillies. We don’t use thickeners preservatives or colouring agents. The best BBQ rubs for Texas BBQ brisket and smoking smoked & Pulled Pork Cajun seafood classics West Indian curries or Mexican Epic Tacos.
  • The best barbecue seasoning – a ultimate sweet seasoning composed of the best ingredients balancing flavor color and softness. This barbecue killer seasoning mixes the best maple and Javanese sugars with paprika chili garlic nutmeg and turmeric to satisfy bones.
  • Perfect for chicken and pork – your best ally to enhance these bones! Gives perfectly with a shoulder of pork chicken or frozen ribs. Cover your meat and marine it all night before smoking or cooking at the grill.
  • Authentic seasonings for love of barbecue – no thickening conservative or unnecessary coloring. Only carefully studied ingredients that ensure an explosion of flavors.
  • NOT JUST FOR BBQ – The best marinades and rubs for the home cook or chef in your life. The best gift for a special someone (or just treat yourself !). Our world inspired products are ideal for grilling barbecue smoking or just everyday cooking and eating!