Amazon Brand – Happy Belly – Mixed herbs and spices (set of 8)


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  • Set contains 1 x Ground Nutmeg 1 x Aniseed 1 x Ground Cinnamon 1 x Dried Juniper Berries 1 x Ground Bay Leaves 1 x Dried Basil 1 x Dried Oregano 1 x Dried Thyme
  • Nutmeg – ideal in mashed potatoes in egg dishes and in the preparation of fillings for pasta
  • Aniseed – eucalyptus. Use for licorice mint and eucalyptus flavours
  • Cinnamon – Add to winter stews mulled wine and pastries
  • Juniper berries – Can be used to flavour Gin or to add a distinctive flavour to game
  • Crushed bay leaves – Excellent for flavouring stews and roasts
  • Dried basil – General seasoning for enhancing sauces and widely used in French and Mediterranean cuisines
  • Dried oregano – Excellent for flavouring roasted bread pizza sauces and preserves
  • Dried thyme – ideal for adding depth to meaty dishes like Beef Bourguignon
  • Product of more than one country. Packed in Italy