Aksoy double Acting Baking Powder (baking soda) 1KG – All-Purpose Leavening Agent For Cooking and Baked Goods, Desserts, Breads, & Cake – Vegan – Airtight Bulk Container


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  • 🍞 TOP QUALITY SILKY SMOOTH BAKING POWDER: Premium baking powder creates better-tasting baked goods. Our pure mix of sodium carbonate and bicarbonate offers a powdery texture and neutral flavor so you can enjoy the best baking results in all your favorite recipes!
  • 🍞 SUPERB LEAVENING AGENT FOR THE PERFECT RISE: No more flat soggy or dense baked goods! Baking powder works through a natural acid-base reaction causing thousands of micro bubbles in the batter mixture to expand and rise. Enjoy delicious baked goods with outstanding consistency.
  • 🍞 Our plant-based baking powder is ideal for vegan or vegetarian bakers alike. When used in small quantities it also qualifies as a flavourful ingredient. This versatile baking powder works in a variety of diets!.
  • 🍞 bulk airtight baking powder container and get cooking. Satisfy the whole family with cakes breads and more. Bake flavorful food your guests are sure to love.
  • 🍞 Premium double Acting baking soda