Ahura Finest Natural Saffron Threads – Pure Grade 1 All Red Saffron Spice for Tea, Paella, Risotto, Pasta, Rice, Cooking – No Additives (1g Jar)


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  • 100% PURE ALL RED SAFFRON – Ahura Saffron spice threads are freshly prepared stored and delivered to offer an unmatched aroma flavour and colour. Our carefully hand-picked Saffron comes from only the best Saffron farms and is sold in Standard Food-Safe Packages. We only deliver the highest-grade Saffron.
  • NATURALLY BENEFICIAL – Saffron is a spice supplement naturally abundant with many vital nutrients including Manganese Vitamin C Magnesium Iron and Vitamin B6 and together they can help promote health and wellbeing. Saffron also contains a variety of plant compounds that act as antioxidants that may help protect brain cells improve inflammation reduce appetite and aid weight loss. Saffron is also known as the Sunshine Spice helping to promote brighter moods.
  • ELEVATE RECIPES – A perfect spice addition to intensify recipes and foods. Our delicate Saffron threads can be used for making Saffron tea or added to your favourite dishes such as paella pasta tagine curries casseroles or desserts.
  • GRADE 1 QUALITY – Only the highest grade 1 (or ‘Grade A’) vivid red stigmas are selected for our Saffron to deliver the carefully selected threads in our product for their natural aroma spice and quality. The deep red threads contain no waste or yellow styles which reduce the overall quality.
  • ADDITIVE AND PRESERVATIVE FREE – We don’t add anything to our aromatic Saffron meaning you receive the finest pure Saffron threads free from all preservatives additives artificial colours or fragrances MSG and salt. 100% pure and natural and completely Vegan-friendly.