4Pcs Silicone Spatula Spatulas for Cooking,Heat Resistan t Non-Stick Rubber Spatulas Seamless Scrape Cake Cream Butter Spatula Kitchen Utensils for Cooking,Baking and Mixing


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  • 【COMFORTABLE GRIP】Each spoon is designed with an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable and secure grip. This allows for precise control and effortless handling making your cooking and baking tasks less tiring and more enjoyable.
  • 【NON-STICK MATERIAL】The silicone material is non-sticky ensuring your food won’t cling to the spoons. This feature makes it easier to scoop stir and scrape your ingredients with minimal mess and wastage. You can enjoy the convenience of easily transferring every last bit of your mixture.
  • 【WIDELY USED】These spoons are designed to handle a wide range of tasks in the kitchen. From mixing dough to scrape the sides of a mixing bowl from sautéing vegetables to flipping delicate foods these spoons have you covered.
  • 【EASY TO CLEAN】The non-stick surface of these silicone spoons makes them effortless to clean. Simply rinse them under running water or toss them in the dishwasher for a quick and thorough cleanup. The material is also resistan t to staining ensuring that the colors of the spoons will last.
  • 【HEAT RESISTANCE】These silicone spoons can withstand high temperatures making them ideal for cooking baking and mixing various ingredients. Whether you’re stirring a hot sauce on the stovetop or scrape batter from a hot mixing bowl these utensils won’t break or warp under heat.