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Metrokane Rabbit stainless steel vacuum wine preserver with 2 stoppers


Rabbit stainless steel vacuum preserver with 2 stoppers

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The Metrokane Rabbit stainless steel vacuum wine preserver with pump action, is designed to preserve the flavour of opened wine bottles for up to two weeks.

The wine stoppers fit any size of wine bottle. Simply insert and attach the hand pump to use. A button on the top of each stopper relieves the vacuum pressure to re-open the bottle, retaining both the freshness and taste.

Ergonomically designed for easy use and supplied with two push button bottle stoppers. Constructed of tough, polished stainless steel for long service.  The stoppers are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Key features and benefits;

Removes air from opened bottle of wine
Preserves the wine taste until the bottle is re-opened
Patented “push button” stopper holds vacuum for up to two weeks
Ergonomically designed pump handle for easy operation


Creative Cookware Tips !

Have you ever brought a really good bottle of wine and not managed to finish it? well no more wasted wine, as the Metrokane, Rabbit stainless steel wine preserver is excellent for saving both the freshness and taste of wines.

Product Details:

Brand: Metrokane
Material: Stainless Steel