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    3G Routers - Get connected


    Now available - 3G routers to add wireless connectivity to your sensor products

    The new MICA and QUARTZ 3G routers make connecting your sensor networks to the mobile network and internet a breeze with intuitive sotware configuration and host of advanced security including VPN. The industrial routers are compact, rugged designs which accept wide input voltage and providing routing between 3G/UMTS, WiFI and LAN ports. The QUARTZ router includes Dual-SIM feature for always-on performance.

    Take the guesswork out of cellular network selection for GSM remote monitoring systems


    New SNYPER-3G and SNYPER-3G Spectrum signal analysers display relative signal strengths of all available mobile phone networks

    The new SNYPER products make it easy for installers of GSM based remote monitoring and control systems to determine which is the best possible cellular network to connect to. SNYPER is a handheld 3G (and 2G/GPRS) signal tester with clear display showing the results from a scan of all available networks. The signal strengths are displayed in an easy to read format and the product comes complete with rugged carry case, antenna and charger. SNYPER has quickly established itself as an essential tool for installers of GSM /2G/3G connected equipment, making installation quicker and significantly reducing wasted time (and additional cost) due to slow or intermittent network connections. Now with LiveSCAN, the liveSCAN antenna makes possible 360degree surveys to find out which direction to point your 2G/3G antenna for optimum connectivity.

    Argon 100


    Low cost remote temperature monitoring over GSM

    The Argon-100 is a unique, low cost advanced remote temperature monitor using the GSM network. One of our most successful products, the Argon-100 will send you text, email and ring alerts if equipment in a remote location is experiencing temperatures that will harm it. Very straightforward to set up and install, all the Argon-100 needs is a SIM card and a power point. It can send email and text alerts to up to 10 recipients and the users can text the Argon 100 to see the current temperature.

    USB Data Loggers


    Record temperature, humidity and other factors using low cost USB data loggers from Sensormetrix

    The Carbon series of battery operated USB temperature / humidity data loggers, are specifically designed for ease of use and great value for money recording of temperature and or humidity. They are similar in operation to most other USB loggers but better value. Easy to set up Connect directly to your PC to configure and download data Minimum and maximum value warnings 40,000 + Log memory Battery operated Download logged data in spreadsheet and graphical formats View maximum and minimum and current values on integrated LCD

    The RF Cable Assembly Connection


    High quality RF cable assemblies with choice and availability

    RF cable assemblies are a critical part of a wireless M2M design, but their vital role is often overlooked, or specifying left to the last minute. Wireless specialist Siretta recognise the importance of these key products, and how supply difficulties or lack of choice can delay new designs. With a recently enhanced portfolio, Siretta are now providing one of the widest ranges of RF cable assemblies, with highly competitive prices and ex stock availability. From micro coax assemblies for internal connection to antenna extension cables, our high quality range combines popular connector configurations such as GSC, MMCX and SMA with a choice of cable options, ensuring an excellent fit for most requirements. Each standard assembly is stocked in a variety of cable lengths, while for volume requirements we offer fully customised products tailored to the exact needs of your application.

    The Toughest Antenna in Town


    Tough through hole antennas for demanding applications

    Demanding situations need products that won’t let you down, products that will take whatever life throws at them. Enter the Tango family of compact antennas from wireless specialist Siretta, with secure through hole mounting and seriously tough exteriors. Easily mounted to panels and casings, the Tango range is ideal where an unobtrusive solution is required, and options for environmental protection and vandal resistance ensure it will take care of itself. The Tango family supports all main frequency bands, and includes space saving two and three way combination products, with GSM/GPS and GSM/GPS/WiFi in a single package. From goods vehicle asset tracking to industrial utilities monitoring, the Tango range fits the bill for a broad and diverse range of applications.
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