At Sensormetrix we strive to offer the greatest range of sensor, and remote monitoring and control products and systems for all applications.

Temperature, humidity and pressure are the most common parameters that need to be monitored and or logged. Our systems cater for monitoring these or any other parameter as required. Sensormetrix can help with most application areas from the simple one or two sensor system to the complex multi sensor large area monitoring.


remote monitoring

and control systems use your local network or Internet and/or GSM wireless for the remote connections. All our systems are application orientated and require little technical knowledge from the user, only the understanding of what you want to monitor and where it will be setup.

Our website will guide you through most of our products and systems according to your application. For your more complex applications you will need to call us to discuss the best solution and for our formal proposal.

We offer an installation service for our more complex systems.

We hope that our systems are self explanatory but further clarification or a formal quote or proposal please call us on: +44 (0)118 976 9023 or email

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