Easter will be here before you know it, so are you ready for the celebrations?

Traditionally Easter is a time for feasting with family and friends and a return to all those delicious foods we might have givin up for Lent.

A lot of food traditions reasonate with medieval times; although there were no chocolate eggs available Easter was marked in the countryside by the eggs the peasants brought to their lords as a rent in kind and in return the lord would reciprocate with a feast for his servants on Easter day.

Often in Britan we serve roast lamb on Easter Sunday, another practice inherited from medieval times as meat was often not eaten during Lent. The mark of a good cook then was the ability to make fabulous sauces and gravy. We can heartily recommend our gravy seperater to help you achieve that perfect gravy!

Often our minds connect the holiday with chocolate and baked goodies.

Simnel Cake, although originally a Mothering Sunday food became synonymous with Easter after the demise of service after the First World War. The name comes from simila, which means a fine wheat flour usually used for baking a cake.

However modern times and ingredients have given us all sorts of alternatives. More often than not a chocolate cake decorated with mini eggs is fast becoming the norm. As long as the chef hasn’t eaten all the eggs whilst decorating!

So whether you are looking forward to carving the roast surrounded by loved ones or demolishing your chocolate egg before breakfast on Easter Sunday we hope you have a wonderful time.

We have everything you will need for preparing the Easter Sunday lunch, baking and decorating treats or cooking eggs. Why not pop in and have a look – we are always happy to help!